Jumat, 07 Januari 2011

My Experience

Last holiday, I went to Mojokerto. I went there to visited my Aunt. I went Mojokerto by bus and I was alone. Distance from Madiun to Mojokerto, I needed 3 hours. Finnaly I arrived in Mojokerto.

First day in Mojokerto, I didn't nothing. In the afternoon after i arrived in Mojokerto, I sleep until evening because i was very tired.

Second day in Mojokerto, My aunt family and I went to Pacet. Pacet was Pemandian Air Panas or Hot Swimming pool. Distance from Mojokerto to Pacet, we needed an hours. When we arrived there, I was very shocked. It was very Great and Beautiful palace. I immediately to swam in Hot Pool. But, It was so Hot! And then i swan in the Warm Pool. It was not Hot. I swam for 2 hours. After we swam, we went to "Kebon Pakis Restaurant.It was a big Restaurant. There were A playground, Fish pool, and so on. We can fishing at the Fish pool. After I ate lunch, i immediately to fishing. I got 3 fishes. They were a big fish. They species were Mujaer. After we fishing, we went home in Mojokerto

Third day in Mojokerto, I was playing playstation in Rental PS2. I played a long an hour, in the morning. And I played football in the afternoon.

Forth day in Mojokerto, I must to go home because 2 days again I must entry in school. I went home by bus and alone again. I went home happily. I didn't forget this experience.

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